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13 of the best reactions to Jodie Whittaker being cast in Doctor Who

17:06Ciaran McCormick

The 13th Doctor has been announced and we are thrilled that it will be Jodie Whittaker. The first woman in the show, people are complaining that she has been chosen for political correctness.

Maybe she is just the best person for the job, like these people call for? A show about a time travelling alien can definitely have a female lead without making it unrealistic.

She is a talented actress who has appeared Broadchurch, the same programme that new showrunner Chris Chibnall harks from, meaning that they are likely to have a great understanding and rapport. This is an exciting new era of the show, that will be fresher and shake things up. A lot of people agree, so here are the best reactions:

1) We are all so excited!

2) Forget the haters 

3) She looks powerful and brilliantly alien (but still not ginger). 

4) A new female role model! 

5) Real fans are excited

6) People that complain about losing their favourite show before she even starts

7) Even past companions are excited! (PS Martha is amazing)

8) The show has always been a positive force for good in society

9) We have never watched sport so intensely!

10) Foreshadowing...

11) People with all the emotions and humanity stripped from them

12) But an exciting new era

13) With a brand new Doctor!

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