This may be the most ridiculous Facebook comment ever posted

12:00Ciaran McCormick

Recently, articles on the Facebook page of The Independent have been trolled by either a mad genius or deluded crackpot. Someone called Khosiivei Francis has been posting the same comment over and over again. It is a work of absurd literary art, debunking atheism, evolution, disease and marriage. Best of all, it has nothing to do with any of the posts.

Whilst it seems at first glance to make some sense, you read through and realise that it is simply words on a page thrown together in some random way. It really calls to mind the infinite monkey theory, that says that a monkey typing away will eventually produce a coherent text like Shakespeare.

Talking of apes, the third point begins, 'Evolution of apes... lol.. the apes family, that's really ridiculous, why still monkey exist...?'. That is probably the most coherent sentence.
The comments on the comment are pretty hilarious too.

Read the full glorious comment below:

1.. Big bang was never happen, if big bang was true, life should be crawling all over the universe... But why life only exist on earth, our earth work just like a Superior machine, because God create it, nothing like earth exist anywhere else... don't tell me bomb blast from nothing, that's will be ridiculous...

2.. How on earth a millions years old bone found perfectly clean in museum.. its all about illegal evils work migrants from science and politics...
Dinosaurs never exist,,
BRUHATHKAYOSAURUS fossil remain of this dinosaurs are found in southern India. Some authorities has estimate it as having weighed as much 220 tone, greater than that of blue whale, but such claim have been question. ... If you want to see a hoax bone, try Colorado and Utah, U.S.A museum, that where you will find there hoax bone...

3. Evolution of apes... lol.. the apes family, that's really ridiculous, why still monkey exist...? don't go reverse, move forward. Nature don't change,.
Charles Darwin theory of evolution was highly forbidden to humanity's but the fools governor Austin Peay who was die first in the office in human history sign to misguide the humanity for their politics purpose. That's how Atheist are misguided by politicians and science..

4. Atheist/science talk more about God, because they are scared of there evil work, scare to deal the fact because of their mistake. Just like a bat, scare of light. Always making comfortable of their mistake because inside their heart it cannot keep longer the goodness because of evils work.

5. .Atheist Said, soul doesn't exist, but talk about soul mate. How the hell on earth they come and married from Church and renounce as wife and husband. That's outrageous Atheist.

6. Atheist scientists and politics created diseases to depopulated human and to make business cancer, malaria, Zika, EBOLA, DENGUE, etc, etc, and blaming God is ridiculous. prove available ...

Read more about how we can beat trolls online here.

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