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This Japanese Commercial For Donald Trump Is Terrifyingly Funny

21:55Ciaran McCormick

A video of Donald Trump called 'Our Glorious Leader' in the ludicrous style of a Japanese music video has resurfaced since he has won the presidential election. It was first released in June and shows the now leader of the Western world turning into a giant robot and exploding the Earth with death rays.

The bizarre masterpiece is the work of Mike Diva, a Californian YouTuber and music producer. Many people have mistaken the ad for being pro-Trump but it is actually blistering satire. In fact, it could easily have been something produced for the North Korean government.

As we share memes and jokes to try and overcome the horror of Trump's victory, this video is a great way to smile over the pain. Since democracy has now given him four years of power, I truly believe that reducing him to an object of ridicule is one of the best ways sensible minded people have of challenging him.

Watch the full video:

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