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Damn Daniel is Back with a Political 'Damn Donald' Twist

13:29Ciaran McCormick

'Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans'. When 15 year old Josh Holz posted the video on Twitter, it went instantly viral with the internet loving his cheeky smile being chased around by someone saying 'Damn Daniel' Sales of white vans went through the roof. There are now dozens of games and running apps dedicated to Daniel and his white Vans. Most of us, though, were bemused at why it was so popular.

Now though, someone has gone a step further and transformed it into the satirical 'Damn Donald'. The internet thing of putting the face of popular racist Donald Trump on internet memes has been on fire recently. It uses someone short who still looks remarkably like the celebrity and adds a lot of make-up.

Enjoy the new video:

And the original:

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