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Fans Want To Give Captain America A Boyfriend And There Are A Lot Of Volunteers

19:18Ciaran McCormick

Fans have recently been putting pressure on Disney to reimagine their favourite heroes with same-sex partners. It is a great, progressive campaign on Twitter to change the overwhelmingly heterosexual landscape of mainstream cinema, especially one that meets the eyes of impressionable young people.

We started off with #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, which Idina Menzel recently said that she thinks is 'great' and said that it was up to Disney to sort out. Now Twitter has created a male counterpart with #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend. It is a top worldwide trend and would be a massive deal if something like that happened. He is an icon of the superhero world and an embodiment of the United States, currently embroiled in its own battles over LGBT rights.

Some tweets have been inspirational and show the depth of emotion behind the campaign, as people long to have heroes that experience life as they do.

Marvel has shown it is flexible and willing to admit that its comics haven't always been as representative as they should be. For example, reincarnating Thor as a female character will go a long way to supporting the gender disparity in the comic book world where women are not given as many title roles and far greater emphasis is given to their appearance than their talents. However, this progress into modern times has not been translated into the Marvel cinematic universe. In superhero films generally, it will take until 2017's Wonder Woman to reach a major female lead. The picture for sexuality is just as bad.

Of course, some people have reacted negatively. They tend to either miss the point (that if the people in charge refuse to give us diverse original characters, we should at least campaign for moderate changes) or they reject equality and diversity altogether.

For now, lets enjoy the scores of fans on Twitter applauding the idea of a non-heterosexual Captain America. There are lots of volunteers to play the role, especially if there are intimate scenes involved.

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