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Hilarious Green Party Advert Shows British Politicians as Nursery Children

20:03Ciaran McCormick

This has to be one of my favourite political videos ever. The Green Party of England and Wales have released their 2016 election advert and it is hilarious. It shows the secret life of British politicians as they go about their daily lives in nursery without any #GrownUpPolitics.

It features a young Jeremy Corbyn 'asserting his leadership' and complaining about the other kids playing with missiles and writing rude notes.

There is some raucous Prime Minister's Question time scenes which are actually frighteningly real.

Poor Tim Farron in the corner wondering why he is the nursery's social outcast.

And finally even a young Theresa May deporting illegal cuddly toys.

This has to go down as one of the funniest political ads. If you enjoyed this, check out some of the best political music videos of all time.

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