Christians Against Dinosaurs is The Best Facebook Group of 2015

17:26Ciaran McCormick

A Facebook group called Christians Against Dinosaurs has exploded on social media, picking up over 5000 members. Its purpose is to bring together like-minded Christians that do not believe in dinosaurs, evolution or science. However, as you would expect, a combination of atheists, trolls and people that enjoy a good laugh have taken over and derailed the group. Anyone that does not believe in Christianity is derided as a 'Satanic Atheist', despite the fact that atheists do not tend to believe in Satan.

Nobody can decide whether this is a genuine battle of wits between religious and atheist people or a masterclass of trolling. This is what has been happening on this hilarious group:

1) If you believe in Dinosaurs, you are a heathen

2) They have uncovered the top-secret Dino-Ostrich conspiracy

3) Atheists started to ask for evidence

4) It started getting heated and a little bit famous

5) Apparently cute animals are a way to worship Satan

6) That pesky liberal agenda again

7) It has now been taken over with glorious parody

8) There is only one conclusion

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