This Brilliant Band-Aid Parody Encourages Africans To Donate Radiators To Norway

14:24Ciaran McCormick

The recent release of the Band Aid 30 single has raised over £1 million to fight the Ebola disease crisis. It features notable British popular culture celebrities One Direction, Chris Martin and Ellie Goulding, among others and was given a prime time spot on the X Factor.

The money is for a good cause, but it exposes the racist representations of Africa as an impoverished, death-ridden and simplistic place. Indeed, one of the biggest stories is the insignificant matter of whether Adele took part. The three iterations of Band Aid have reflected the development narrative of the enlightened West 'saving' Africa.

The Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund decided to turn it around and see how Westerners like being stereotyped and simplified in the same way. Their charity single encourages the vibrant, bright and happy African population to donate their unwanted radiators to poor Norwegian's dying of frostbite.

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