Celebrities Like One Direction and Obama's Daughters Have The Right To Be Human

15:40Ciaran McCormick

This week has seen two separate incidents where celebrities have come under intense criticism and scrutiny for looking bored. One Direction singer Liam Payne was signing autographs but the public did not take kindly to the way that he smiled and then dropped back into a surly expression after photos were taken.

Entirely separately, daughters of US President Barack Obama, Sasha and Malia were accused of showing disrespect and lacking class by Elizabeth Lauten, the Communications Director for Congressman Stephen Fincher. They had been present at the fun tradition where the President pardons a Thanksgiving turkey.

In 2014, two turkeys were pardoned, named 'Mac' and 'Cheese'. However, his two daughters did not look enthralled by the media circus around the event, shifting uncomfortably. They were also accused of having too short skirts by the judgmental Republican official, who has since apologised for her hurtful comments.

These two incidents expose the double standards with which we treat celebrities. We expect them to open their lives to us and many follow them obsessively. Yet they also have their privacy violated and are judged harshly. They are expected to be both relatable all the time, but are never allowed any human weaknesses. They must always inhabit their public persona. When people like Liam Payne or Sasha or Malia break this facade, they show their true human imperfections. But celebrities have the right to be human too.

Watch One Direction star Liam Payne taking selfies with fans:

He responded to the criticism swiftly:

Watch the video of the Obama Thanksgiving ceremony and think over the way we treat ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances:

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