The Untouchables - How An Artist Captured the Abuse Of Children

16:13Ciaran McCormick

Cuban artist and photographer Erik Ravelo has captured in art one of the most vulnerable political victims in history. Children across the world suffer from the consequences of war, crime and business. They have not consented to the political systems that they are exposed to, yet will be ruled by them nonetheless. Ravelo's 'Los Intocables' (The Untouchables) is a powerful series of photographs that capture the suffering of children, often just pawns and collateral damage in global political and economic affairs.

They show seven adults with their backs to the camera, arms outstretched in the manner of a Christian crucifix. Children are limply holding on. The images resonate with symbolism. The adults blindly face into the wall, ignoring and exploiting the children that hold on to them for support. It appeals to religious imagery, as Jesus died on the cross for the sins of others and had no agency in his death. It was banned by Facebook as harmful content but speaks loudly for the rights of children. Their childhood should be Untouchable.

Sexual abuse by trusted
religious figures
Trafficking of organs on
the black market,
affecting children
The obesity crisis in the
affluent world - where poor
families are only able
to afford the unhealthiest,
cheap foods
Sexual abuse tourism
The innocent victims of
wars such as Syria
The biological and chemical
horrors produced by humankind

The easy availability of
weapons in the USA

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